Today’s sports & entertainment operations rely on technology to find and solve problems faster. Venue systems such as networks, security, ticketing, point-of-sale, or fan systems require strong technical skills. During competition, strategic decisions also rely on specialized technical support for maximizing real-time data, sensor, video, and reporting mechanisms in highly regulated environments. We provide rare subject matter expertise to monitor and assist critical operations. 

  • Coaching & Athlete Performance Systems
  • Technical Regulatory Compliance Monitoring
  • Post Event Data Migration and Reporting
  • Technical Program and Project Managment 



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Our specialties are technical & scientific consulting in sports. We provide predictive insight about emerging technologies, hardware infrastructure, scientific research, and software programming. We know how to apply best practices to inspire new levels of success.

In order to succeed we utilize collabortive tools to track technical progress providing stakeholders with unique control. Our expertise gives your team the confidence that they can adopt or create new solutions.

Analytics & Models

It's important to have a solid base of accessible and meaningful data in order to make stronger decisions. We understand data collection, modeling, and analysis techniques. Our consultants have the expertise to lead or support.

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Knowledge Capture

We are the first in the world to implement structured knowledge assets in sport. If you need real-time monitoring then start with knowledge. Harness the meaning of data to make your team smarter. This is a priority for modern sports organizations.

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Intelligent Systems

We understand new intelligent software capabilities. Beyond philosophical debates, intelligent systems are at work in coaching, data mining, video editing, marketing and more. We connect algorithms to a problem for amazing experiences and insight.

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"The demand for wearable electronics in sport generates more decision opportunities."

About Us

We gained well deserved notoriety for an ambitious attempt to commercialize military tested intelligent algorithms. Nothing extinguished our pride or perseverance, but the company was eventually forced to pivot to a services model. Today, we exist solely as a well disciplined source for consulting advice in sports and entertainment sectors.

Technology insight is only part of our story, we believe the human element is just as important. Customers appreciate our experience with both high-performance people and advanced technologies.

Our preferred consulting method involves skill assessments and strategic plans which are crafted into a socio-technical framework. Our methods help projects move quickly, benefiting from well defined cultural, financial, and technical objectives. Each project output is desired and predictable. This socio-technical approach provides your team the insight, analysis, road map, and leadership to reduce risk or leverage opportunities.

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"Technology is inherently risky but without it we’re surely to be last."

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Management Approach

What is a socio-technical approach?

This refers to a transformational view of an organization's people and its processes. We focus on well studied methods to increase the output of people while also increasing the technical aspects of the team. We recognize that the workplace is joined by humans and computers in a system. Our belief is that this approach forms the highest performance possibilities.

People Transformation

We help industry leaders focus on building flexibility and discipline. Disruption can be extremely expensive and often emotionally charged, thats why our plans identify and touch influencers throughout your company. Our road map helps leaders deal with transitioning responsibility so change adoption “flows” across the organization in alignment with company's vision and culture.

Process Transformation

A broken process is evident in most failing programs or projects. We capitalize on ad-hoc successes by scaling those successes to an optimized state using the DMAIC model, Six Sigma fundamentals, and Lean principles. Our consultants are well versed in connecting services and technology together to deliver process improvements.

"Passion leads to design. Design leads to performance. Performance leads to success."

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You have found a group of diverse sports technologists with a passion for innovation. We have information and experiences to share but more importantly we have much to learn. Our listening skills are crafted to appreciate undefined project goals, unique personalities, budget constraints, and complexity within problems. Our global consultants are fully prepared to deploy quickly tackling your biggest challenges.

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