data, platforms, networks


Formats & Languages

We work with a variety of data types and formats:

CSV, XLS, XLSM, XLSX, SQL, Non-SQL, RDF, and many others

Query Languages:


(programming java, python, c+)


Platforms & Systems

We work with platforms to document, analyze or act on data, information, rules or knowledge systems.

AutoML, Kubernettes, Jupyter, MongoDB, SymblGraph, VisiRule, UiPath, Splunk, Tableau, Domo

(most ams, visualization tools, video platforms)



Networks & Stacks

We work with most cloud servers, storage tools, and networking components to protect and make accessible your valuable assets.  

Linux, IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, SAP, ExpressVPN, 


Devices & Equipment

We manage technology driven equipment, computers, and devices. This includes cameras, sensors, wearables, and hardware including common electronics. Our team can conduct onsite minor electronics repairs. We also work with vendors to oversee warranty and service contracts.  


Other Technologies

We also have experience working with medical instruments like ultrasound or thermography. When you hire us, you are hiring analytical skills, capable decision makers, proven under pressure with real experience dealing with critical systems.

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